Kind of like carrying all your groceries into the apartment in one trip. / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Just posted news of my slated participation for Tupelo's 30/30 in April (National Poetry Month aka NaPoMo, a shortening which really just sounds like a name of a whale in an artsy animated film).

I'm absolutely terrified and super excited, and because I can't not do this, I'm going to prepare/plan/be OCD about it.

Starting in March, I'm going to attempt to succeed at reading 5 books for every week of that month. Even though AWP happens. Even though fellow mass-food-masticator-friend Genevieve visits. Likely, most of these books will be poetry in nature (slimmer volumes, but no less substantial in the richness it will yield in my brain).

My hope is that I'll be able to finally go through more/all of my unread books. And by exposing myself to a gazillion poems, I can hopefully be inspired, collect images/words/ideas with which I can use as a melting pot of poetry fodder. I won't be writing any poems between now and March 31st, but I will be reading and collecting.

This self-imposed project is inspired by Paisley Rekdal's funny account of her trying to do this same task back in 2007. I'm not sure why I think I can succeed, but I'm glad that alarm is broken in my brain.

Also, I haven't blogged in years, so I'm hoping this will get my blog muscles in shape again. Just in time for April.