Preparations / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Even though it is it a book in either physical or electronic form, I have to say that I absolutely love HBO's Enlightened. I wasn't so convinced after seeing the pilot episode last year, but after giving the show another go a couple weeks ago--I'm more than just hooked--I'm moved, transformed, changed after each brief-28-minute episode (I'm all caught up to the most recent episode). Perhaps I mention this because this is also what I want from good writing (fiction/poetry/prose). And if I'm lucky, maybe I could write something capable of creating that type of experience for some lone reader out there.

I was looking at my makeshift "bookshelf" this morning and realized that I'd like to include rereading of books in my March book-challenge. Of course, I think any rereads shouldn't count toward the 5-book minimum. Maybe they can count at 50%! I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to find an easy route--I just want to fill myself with as much fodder (new/revisited) as possible.

I don't know yet what the 5 books will be for my week starting March 1 (so soon) yet, but I know that one of them will be Saunders' newest darling! I'd also like to power through some journal issues, but I think it would be unfair to count this toward my 5-book count as well. I think I'm just wanting to do a lot. Probably not humanly possible.

I know that soon, I'll be wishing I was doing a 5-cupcake or 5-pizza a week diet instead. But a 5-Criterion-Collection-movie diet sounds like it would further my cause.

In other news, every day is a challenge in trying to be a decent human. Maybe this is why I love Enlightened so much. God, I hope I don't harbor any of Amy Jellicoe's nasty traits (of which she has too many). Enlightened could also be related the increasingly warm feelings I have toward the idea of living in LA again. I change every day, even if a lot of my cells are dying.