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Poet and human.

Week 2, Day 5: Post-AWP and Supreme Feelings Inside.

Updated list for this week:

  • Cynthia Cruz's The Glimmering Room [done!]
  • Donald Revell's A Thief of Strings [finishing today ...]

  • Donald Revell's Tantivy
  • Donald Revell's The Bitter Withy
  • Lynn Xu's Debts and Lessons [done!]
  • African Myths and Tales [in progress]
  • finish taking notes/rereading Yoko Tawada's Where Europe Begins

Needless to say, AWP renewed my spirits and reminded me how wonderful the/my literary community is--so many hugs! I'm grateful to have these friends, acquaintances, peers, giants. I'm coveting all the feelings/inspiration I amassed from the bounty of panels/readings--and course we ate well! Bucket o' biscuits! Myers and Chang feast! The deep-bowing-worthy Flour sticky bun!

The only thing better for feelings-hoarding after AWP is of course Bread Loaf. I can't wait to return to the mountain to frolic in the fields.

  'Spring Lamb' by Cliff Donaldson, Northern Ireland
'Spring Lamb' by Cliff Donaldson, Northern Ireland