Long-Term Desires Kindling / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Recently felt something stirring and am trying to put the following goal into place: my life as a sculptor and textile artist.

There's a textile institute in Iceland where I'd like to intern--but I have no have knowledge of the textile arts (of which I have had no formal training). My childhood consisted of wooden rulers and unraveled yarn and wishful thinking (how did Rumplestiltskin weave/spin/whirr?)

Luckily, in Park Slope and Manhattan, there is the Textile Arts Center, who is accepting applications for interns. As an intern, I would be able to take any of their classes for free in exchange for 15-20 hours of work. I'm putting together my application materials now.

The goal is to intern there May - August.

Then hopefully do an internship in Iceland in fall 2014 or so--they offer housing/use of facilities in return to helping maintain the studios, etc. Minimum of 3 months (and why would I do less)?

I want to create textures, weave colors, and spend time in Iceland. I hope this can happen.