5-Book-Diet Round-Up / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

I think I read more books in the past 4 weeks than I have annually in the past several years. I still have some books on my nightstand I'd like to get through--and there's still the weekend ... but Tupelo's 30/30 starts on Monday! Oh god!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the full list I tackled:

Failed/Still in Progress:

  • Gaston Bachelard - The Poetics of Space
  • John Berryman - The Dream Songs [3/4 finished, hopefully done today]


  • Mark Levine - Debt (reread)
  • Mark Levine - Enola Gay (reread)
  • Rainer Maria Rilke - Duino Elegies
  • Mark Strand's Man and Camel
  • Karen Volkman's Spar
  • Monica Youn's Barter
  • Cynthia Cruz's The Glimmering Room
  • Sarah Gridley's Weather Eye Open (reread)
  • Lucie Brock-Broido - A Hunger (reread)
  • Lucie Brock-Broido The Master Letters (reread)
  • Lucie Brock-BroidoTrouble in Mind (reread)
  • Donald Revell - A Thief of Strings
  • Donald Revell - Tantivy
  • Donald Revell - The Bitter Withy
  • Lynn Xu - Debts and Lessons
  • African Myths and Tales
  • Yoko Tawada - Where Europe Begins (reread)
  • Frank Stanford - The Light the Dead See
  • Jorie Graham - Hybrids of Planets and of Ghosts
  • Julie Carr - Equivocal
  • Mark Wunderlich - Voluntary Servitude