Day 12/30: A slowing down / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Definitely feel a lot of resistance in both my body and my brain today--struggling to even post notes/updates here! I think the grey rain outside isn't helping much.

"Remember Which is the More Dangerous Instrument"

  • - Was lucky to have recorded Lucie Brock-Broido'a AWP reading from the front row--and even luckier to have read her poem in the back row at Jorie Graham's reading the previous night, "You Have Harnessed Yourself Ridiculously to this World." After writing a poem like the second buzkashi one--I needed something to ground myself--and LBB is always so infectious.

  • - I spend a lot of time thinking about Harry Harlow and his rhesus monkeys. This TAL episode always conjures the well.

"Nocturne in Autobiography of Daughter"

  • - Watched the season premiere of Mad Men twice this week--and then played Chopin's Nocturne in E flat major on loop all day yesterday.

  • - Was sitting with Julie Carr and what LBB refers to as "a girl ago"

  • - Also found this list of youngest birth mothers under 11.

I earnestly hope I can make it through to Monday--at which point is the halfway mark! I need a resurgence of energy and FEELINGS. Or a nap.