Day 2/30: So it has begun! / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Turned in my first poem last night (late, actually--at 12:04am, which is technically day 2!)--and so the 30/30 challenge has begun!

Mondays are my Sundays, but instead of writing the poem at a proper time, I waited to start at 10pm! But did important pantry foraging, napping, etc. while housesitting JB's parents' apartment for the day.

This is definitely going to prove difficult to sustain throughout the month--my goal is to write the poems at work Tuesday-Saturday, and somehow fit it in on the weekend. I do have TONS! of notes from reading all those books in March, but I feel a bit overwhelmed.

The poems are posted here. As you can see, JB is participating as well. Which means both of us are under the gun all month and we'll have relatively no life/lives. But sleep we will, I hope.

Best find of yesterday while poem: