Dog + Swim Watch / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

There are whistles in all the apartments here, hung up on the same hook as the floral kitchen apron. Of course my first thought was rape whistle, which is both practical and ridiculous of me. I don't have a "flash lamp," but I can understand why I should--but why is there a whistle? It is in case you see a fire in the calanques, which hasn't really happened, but then, that's why we have the whistles.

It's a holiday weekend for the French, though I didn't notice more visitors in Cassis than the usual weekend fare--populated, but not overwhelmingly so.

This afternoon, I watched a man at the lower edge of the lighthouse throw a ball into the sea, and his dog (looked like a small German Shepherd) jumped in to retrieve it. He had a long rope leash on (just in case), and would swim, get the ball into his mouth, swim back to the lighthouse, shake off the sea water, repeat.

Also spied two different swimmers--one with a trailing buoy (safety measure)? Seemed like they were both wearing wetsuits, swimming out toward the horizon. I watched until I couldn't see them anymore and wondered when they would return, or if they would. I'd like to swim out to sea myself, but worry that I might need a wetsuit. Also, I didn't bring my goggles, but don't know what's actually required for sea-swimming as I'm only a pool practitioner.

Seems like the SCUBA divers occasionally pop up below my balcony--they'd surface to converse in French and were decked out in so much gear! I wonder if they had special cameras or things for seeing.

I'm lusting to be in the sea today, but am reserving water activity for a non-weekend day (less crowded).

But here are my non-writing-poetry goals for Cassis:

  • kayak
  • paddleboard
  • swim in the ocean (wetsuit?)
  • snorkel
  • go out on fishing trip with local fisherman Guillaume
  • visit every beach in Cassis