Day 24/30: Feeling great, but still feverish by Diana Khoi Nguyen

It just may be that my cold I'm battling is finally showing signs of letting up--but it hasn't left entirely (or mostly) yet. But I'm optimistic and feeling in high spirits.

Only 6 more poems after today! That is such a small number that I can comprehend--with much less anxiety than every before this month! I am rejoicing!


"Flaw in the Nursery"

  • - I owe a lot to JB for going "Bedient" on this one--he is kind when he says that we are doing 60/30, when in fact I feel like it's more a 60/30 for JB.

  • - This poem is for my dear friend Rohan Samahon who shared with me the D.H. Lawrence short story, "The Rocking Horse Winner"--upon which this poem is based.

  • - A lot of syntax/thinking stems from my sitting with Jane Mead's The Usable Field, which is incredible. How have I never heard of her until now!

  • - I also stared at a lot of rocking horses via Google image search, but I don't think it did much for me.

Finished a major draft of today's poem and there is still daylight out! Will try to do some self-JB editing on it tonight and will post notes tomorrow.