The Jungle Book

Day 20/30: Remarkable, as if it were not the work of my hands by Diana Khoi Nguyen

How could it be? Yes, total disbelief that I've written all these poems so far. Twenty! That's more than a carton of eggs. Which means . . .


As JB would say, "Calm yourself."

The sun broke through today and I'm feeling more lively than I have all week. Though it is sincerely possible that I might be coming down with a cold--JB was ill last night and still he turned in his poem. 10 more days. 10.

This time last week I had $0.00 Tupelo donations for this 30/30 endeavor, but part of that was because I wanted to wait until I had at least a week's worth of poems before reaching out. Then came 7 poems and no time to reach out--or my balky perceived lack of time. I just learned the word balky and already I'm using it incorrectly.

I finally took precious time on Tuesday to write personal letters to close friends/mentors. And I was so deeply moved by the response that came back. As of yesterday, I'm at $415! My goal is $600, but I think I can get there--the support and generosity of those in my life somehow surprised me--and certainly, it stirred so many feelings and poem feelings--and yet I was so tired in this second leg of the marathon.

But not today! It's a sunny day before my weekend (which are Sundays/Mondays), and I wrote another buzkashi poem. It could be crap, but I feel great.

And the notes . . .

"There are No Stables in the Jungle"

  • - It's true, it's too dense for stables. I mean, for them to occur naturally.

  • - This title is actually something I said randomly to my co-worker Alex a couple of weeks ago. Or was it days? I think it was because I was burnt out after writing "Buzkashi ii" and didn't feel I had anything left to say about horses. Or that my horses didn't have anything left to say.

  • - This is my Mowgli poem.

  • - Also appearing in this poem is JB's explanation of why Radiohead is awesome.

  • - Sat with LBB, Mark Levine, and you know, the law of the jungle.


"The Mailman"

  • - It seriously feels like I wrote this yesterday, instead of a couple of days ago. I have no concept of time anymore.

  • - I asked JB for an assignment and he told me to read Mark Strand's poem, "The Mailman" then write a poem from the POV of the mailman.

  • - JB's been helping me with paring down my drafts. Of course he's the keenest editor I know, but it also means I'm getting floppy.

"Self-Portrait as Justin Boening"

  • - I couldn't resist. No idea what came over me during this poem, but I believe in it.

  • - Borrowed LBB's form from her poem "Self-Portrait as Kaspar Hauser"--and also, Joanna Klink, Ben Lerner . . .
  • Sat with Plath's Ariel and Timothy Donnelly's recent essay on Harriet titled, "Quasi-unintelligibilty (Part 3)"--he writes quite possibly my favorite prose about poetry. And thinking. And being human.