(Un)Planned Tectonics by Diana Khoi Nguyen

2015 has been thus far filled with multiple serious plans of change and grief. 

And during these dark weeks, I have received some wonderful news and opportunities. I'm eagerly hopeful for what the future holds and am excited for the upcoming months:

April: AWP in Minneapolis (eating adventures with Mr. B); 3-day trip in Fez, Morocco (oh the sights, smells, and spices!)

May: Funded fellow at the Bread Loaf Bakeless Camargo Residency in Cassis, or the beautiful south of France.

June - July: Journeys and stays in LA, the Bay Area, and home-hunting in Denver.

August - beyond: Denver PhD student life.

Week 1, Day 7: The end of the first limb (leg, leg, arm, arm) by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Did manage to finish Jorie's Hybrids of Plants and of Ghosts, but it was a slow process that reminded me of trying to study for biology or chemistry. This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy this book, but that I couldn't just breeze through it in one sitting (or at a 11pm bedtime lying down position which is how I started the book last night).

And honestly, only made it through 1/3 of rereading Tawada's Where Europe Begins because (1) my brain is tired from all the forced reading (but pleasurable forced reading) and (2) I'm taking extensive poem notes, which slows down the whole process by mucho minutes. And I already have to tack on the African Myths book for next week.

Aaaaand I take the bus to Boston for AWP tonight. That is, if this snow/rain/wind thing doesn't delay/harm the roads. The idea of socializing is crippling me right now, but I think it would = poor mental health if I back out of going so last minute. I can force myself to interact with humans if I can force myself to read human letters.

Here's the roundup for March 8-14:

  • Cynthia Cruz's The Glimmering Room
  • Donald Revell's Tantivy
  • Donald Revell's The Bitter Withy
  • Donald Revell's A Thief of Strings
  • one book I will buy at AWP
  • African Myths and Tales
  • finish taking notes/rereading Yoko Tawada's Where Europe Begins