Week 3, Day 5: "Everyone knows an unworshipped woman will betray you." by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Update for this week:

  • Mark Strand's Man and Camel [done!]
  • Karen Volkman's Spar [done!]
  • Monica Youn's Barter [done!]

Rereads: (counts as 0.5 each):

  • Sarah Gridley's Weather Eye Open
  • Lucie Brock-Broido's A HungerThe Master Letters, and Trouble in Mind

Beginning the great LBB rereading (in chronological order) today, and I'm savoring each moment--like when you get a cone vs. cup at the ice cream/gelato shop.

A bit of pressure in figuring out what the last 5 books should be--seems so final! And JB got me this amazing book on unicorns when we went to the Cloisters on Sunday. I didn't know I'd be such a fan of unicorns--or more accurately, a fan of captured/wounded/bleeding unicorns.