Week 2, Day 7: Basically caught up + new goal = Sisyphean by Diana Khoi Nguyen

  • Cynthia Cruz's The Glimmering Room [done!]
  • Donald Revell's A Thief of Strings [done!]

  • Donald Revell's Tantivy [done!]
  • Donald Revell's The Bitter Withy[done!]
  • Lynn Xu's Debts and Lessons [done!]
  • African Myths and Tales [only 90 pages left and there's still daylight out]
  • finish taking notes/rereading Yoko Tawada's Where Europe Begins [doneeee]

Am proud to report that it looks like I've read all the books for this week plus caught up on the spillover from last week!

And because I'm no sissy, I proposed the following to JB last night over pork chops, gravy, and brussels sprouts: how's about we watch one Criterion Collection movie at dinner every other night in the month of April (whilst we're in mad-poem-writing-marathon-mode?). I figure, our eyes will be tired of photo-less words, but we could probably manage some subtitles, disturbing/odd/beautiful imagery of CC films! I also think this is ambitious but am enjoying the exhaustion I carry from attempts to culture myself.

In other news, I also plan on reading some version of the bible after all these spring months have passed.

Just when I've checked off an item, the list expands. The best kind of Sisyphean.