Sad News But Joyous Celebrating by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Found out I didn't get a Fulbright to Vietnam--which is super bumming. Perhaps because I truly wanted to go and pursue my project--and sad, too--that so many people had written me letters and helped me with my application; I feel like I've let them down.

Jane Wong kindly did mention that while the US gave me their seal of approval--ultimately it's the country (Vietnam) that decides. And it's true--Vietnam has a bad record of not awarding to artists/writers. Especially writers.

I'm disappointed, but have no regrets--I gave that application my all! I'd definitely like to apply again--maybe in 2 years after JB's term at Bucknell ends. But likely I should choose a different country that might be warmer to a creative project.

But the totally wonderful thing about this is that I'll be going to Lewisburg with JB in the fall to live in the poets cottage--where I'll write lots of poems and not worry about health insurance or rent. And I can work in a sandwich shop in town and live a quieter small town life for 2 years. And write lots of poems. TONS.

Last night was JB's chapbook launch! We rejoiced: