1 Week in Parad-Iceland by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Insane that nearly a week has past now. I feel happy, calm, and in full spirits to be here--not boiling over the top glee, but the slow contentment that can burn through the night, for years of nights. Productive calm, I'd call it.

I feel a bit in a rut at the moment--chiefly due to procrastination at getting some less fun writing done--gotta shell out a micro poetry review and also some Fulbright essays. Will do this weekend so I can be free to make art! And hunker down to revise poems. Am lazy. Am moor--than lazy.

Have also spent more time on walks exploring the town--I love it! The views from my room and studios are killer--love seeing the river and ocean and mountains in the background.

Next weekend is the big international sheep/wool conference, held in Iceland for the first time. I get to attend all the events and at the end, go along on their bus ride through the Highlands back to Reykjavik, where I hope to do an excursion to Landmannalauger. That geothermal creek/pond looks incredible and that alone sold me on that particular excursion. I had a hard time deciding between those colorful mountains and the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon. I have total FOMO here, and it's apt. The time-window is closing to do these excursions as summer season ends right about now and winter begins and things become limited in terms of tours.

But! During the sheep conference I'll get to go help herd sheep and be among all the wool my little heart desires.

I'll leave you with two audio postcards recorded during my hike on a small island just across from the N1 gas station (huge meeting spot/hub/place to eat/only place to gather in town).