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Day 23/30: What whittles down by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Unfortunate enough to catch a cold with this resurgence of chilly weather. Being sick means fog in the brain, and poems worse than usual. Am not despairing.


"Buzkashi (iii)"

  • - Can't recall anymore through the thicket of my skull if I borrowed/adapted this form from somewhere else. I only remember trying to find a median between the first and second buzkashi poems.

  • - And also, some lines from the latest Hannibal episode.

"Getting the Hero to Speak"

  • - Idea from a poem in Monica Youn's first book, Barter--in the notes section, she mentions one aspect of Greek hero workship in which supplicants pour blood down a funnel through the grave of a hero in order to get the hero to speak. Subsequently Googled all I could find about Greek hero cults. So awesome.

  • - JB assigned me some James Tate reading from his Selected--and loosely took the scaffold of the poem "Loyalty."

  • - Realized that I can't really be funny in a poem.

"From the Conch"

  • - Poem I sadly eked out while sick in bed yesterday. Totally embarrassed, but this might be the closest to funny I can get.

  • - Scaffold of poem from James Tate's "Annual Report."

  • - Totally a coincidence that JB's poem for this day also used more than one parentheticals. Funny because we were in separate states while composing our poems.

  • - The line "Last week the mermaid died of breast cancer" borrowed of course from Yoko Tawada's Where Europe Begins. She's my myth-genius.

Over & out--

Week 3, Day 1: Potential for strength, but weak knees: a colt out of the cave by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Here's the roundup for March 15-21:

  • Mark Strand's Man and Camel
  • Karen Volkman's Spar
  • Monica Youn's Barter

Rereads: (counts as 0.5 each):

  • Sarah Gridley's Weather Eye Open
  • Lucie Brock-Broido's A HungerThe Master Letters, and Trouble in Mind

I think you should envy the dreams I'll have when I sleep this week.