Day 30/30: Beginning new phases by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Such relief--though I haven't officially submitted today's (last) poem yet. But I'll give notes for all the remaining ones.

"The World Growing Smaller Every Day"

  • Title comes from a line in Kafka (or my slight perversion of it). It was accompanied by the following image on JB's Instagram:

  • - Last line stems from a TAL episode in which I found out that in Honduras, politician sometimes hang out at the morgue, offering to pay for coffins.

"Shades of White"

  • - First line gifted to me from JB after I shared him that NY Times article from above. (60/30, anyone?)

"Blood Eagle"

  • - Also took some quotes from that episode. Watching it is so generative for me--not matter how shocked.

  • - Took the scaffolding of Plath's poem, "Sheep in Fog"--god she will always be my master.

And today's poem (apologies if I change the title from now 'til my submission of the poem):

"Pas de Deux"

  • - Finally picked up Frank Stanford again--used the scaffolding of "Between Love and Death."