Goals / Boundaries by Diana Khoi Nguyen

In the anxious final moments before I leave Cheesburg, I feel that I should set to paper some goals for the upcoming months, lest I eat popcorn all day long by the window in my room watching sheep go by for three months straight.

Bread Loaf Goals

  • Don't get sick(er).
  • Attempt a sober BL
  • Take more walks
  • Swim in the lake
  • Get to know more folks on staff + at the conference
  • Eat less of the industrial food / stay low-glycemic/carb
  • Try to sleep
  • Make new writer friends (for life)
  • Don't get tired

Iceland Goals

  • make at least 1:
    • tapestry
    • woven thing on a loom with more than 4 harnesses
    • felted object
  • produce new version of manuscript
  • read more than 3 books of prose
  • take a walk or do pilates every day
  • don't waste time feeling lonely
  • attempt to eat one nice meal/snack a day
  • ride a pony!
  • herd sheep
  • visit as many natural pools as possible
  • witness aurora borealis

Now I'm getting homesick, but I haven't left yet. I'm going to miss my pack so much.