Volunteered for Tupelo Press' 30/30 Project in April / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Very excited! and nervous to announce that I will volunteer my body and anxiety to Tupelo Press for their 30/30 Project during National Poetry Month: April. It's like a marathon--in that, instead of running for miles and sweating to raise money for a cause, I will write poems and sweat and hope that friends, family, strangers will donate to Tupelo Press, a non-profit organization. This project is especially meaningful to me since Tupelo has long been one of my favorite publishers of emerging voices in poetry. 

Starting April 1, I will write a 170% new poem every day and it will be posted on their blog.

This is terrifying for several reasons:

  1. Never have I written 30 poems (let alone decent poems) in the span of one month.
  2. I've signed a contract so I can't nancy my way out. Or "forget."
  3. If I'm lucky, these poems will be barely formed drafts at the most--and they will be published daily on Tupelo's blog for the internet public to see/read.
  4. Heretofore, I have been quiet/private about my poetry life on the internet and even with most friends. But now, everything's out in the open!