Out of Touch, Still in Touch / by Diana Khoi Nguyen

At the eve of AWP (we fly out of Philadelphia tomorrow evening), it seems appropriate to provide an update. Apologies for the long interval between updates, but I swear--not much has been happening.

But now, so many upcoming readings! 2 this week in Seattle at AWP, then a Providence reading in March, and a Brooklyn one in April. It's like I'm on a slowly moving tour that mimics the trajectory of scattered pigeon poop.

And on the prose front, my disshelved prose debuted on the Poetry NW blog this past Saturday! You can check out my take on a "reading list" here. Also totally forgot to pimp my short personal essay on Mark Levine.

Hopefully upcoming is an interview series, and seasonal reading lists ...

This week (Thurs/Friday), you can find me at the Lana Turner booth. Please come say hello!