Diana Khoi Nguyen

A centaur from the waist up.

Poet and human.

POEMS (Online)


"Gyotaku" [3], Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Spring 2017

Gyotaku,” and "Overture," Boston Review, April/May 2017


"Disobedience" and "Like Life," Pinwheel, Issue 10

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"As from the Corpse, No Door," The Adroit Journal, Issue 14


"Between Dog and Wolf," HOUND, Issue 3

"Buzkashi," PEN America, Fall 2015

"To the Earth," Cosmonauts Avenue, Issue 1.7


"Getting the Hero to Speak," Kenyon Review Online, Winter 2014


"The Smallest Woman in the World," a collaboration with Bill Domonkos, Likestarlings, November 2013

"Buzkashi,"  Poetry, October 2013

"The Los Angeles of Brother and Grief," Banango Street , Issue 5

"Soft Architecture," "A Bunker in This Country," Ostrich Review, Issue 4

"Self-Portrait as Justin Boening," "Flaw in the Nursery," The Collagist , Issue 49

“Naïveté for a New World,” “Sister, Be With Us,” “Deposition on Traumata,” “Fledge,” Memorious, Issue 20

"Souvenirs from a Future World," "Johannes & Margaret," OmniVerse, July 2013

“Post-Apocalypse with Sun Intact,” Phantom Limb, Spring 2013 



"Deaf Basketball Tournament," "What the Seeing One Told," Vinyl Poetry, Volume 5

"Sirenomelia," elimaeJanuary



"Selkie Weaning Young," Devil's Lake, Fall

"Nude in Forest," "Man with Swan Arm," "Abduction,"  Pool Poetry